Aurora Borealis in Sweden

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Our aurora tours in Kiruna, Sweden

In 2014 we were the first tour operator in Kiruna to offer real long night tours to show the magic of aurora. We understand that guests travel around the world and spend lots of money to fulfill their dream to once see the northern lights. It is obviously that our effort will forever have to be to maximize their chances.

We developed several aurora night tours, established them, set up statistics regarding visability during these tours and … after a while decided to discontinue these tours. For sure events like our Aurora BBQ or the Aurora Nightshift were good products that made many visitors happy and gave them unforgettable hours under a colourful sky.

But you will never take out the maximum chance when booking any “stationary” tour! It doesn’t help to spend a night at any aurora camp when the sky is cloudy above this spot. Only 20 Km away the clouds could break up and present the – maybe only – chance of that entire night that makes the long journey from Singapore, Capetown or Sao Paulo to Kiruna pay off!

But you’d be “locked down” under the cloudy sky at any fixed location and without any chance to recognize it! All our tours have always been created for “aurora max” chances: Long time out at real night conditions – during the time when aurora activity can be expected to be highest and to stay mobile at all times: The tours below cover total distances between 150 and 480 Km.

Whereever on earth you travel these distances you will pass areas with different weather conditions: The thermal column caused by a mountain just 10 Km ahead could tear the low clouds apart to offer the view you travel around the world for!

Today we’re proud to present you a small choice of truly outstanding night tours combined with access to Finland and Norway. Take a cup of coffee and some time to compare our tours. Further down on this page you’ll find lots of optional information.

Welcome to Kiruna – Lapland – Sweden!

Aurora Optima - simply our best aurora tour

Only the sky is the limit ! If you decide to book our aurora borealis excursion to Abisko we will deliver the tour to Abisko. In case you should decide to book our “Aurora Ultima” tour to Finland we will be pleased to drive you to Finland. But what happens when the weather is bad and the sky is cloudy ? Aurora is a natural phenomenon and we can never be sure to see it… To absolutely optimize your chances to experience aurora borealis in Lapland we decided to arrange a “surprise” – tour that covers the entire 20.000 sqkm area of Kiruna municipality!

Aurora Ultima - longest aurora tour in Sweden

Be prepared for a long night in search for aurora borealis all the way into Finland! This northern lights tour from Kiruna to Finland is record – breaking by milage (+450 Km) and duration (+8h) The western part of Kiruna became popular already in 1909 when the Abisko National Park was founded as one of the first of it’s kind. During the last years the hype for aurora tourism made this destination world famous. Western Kiruna is booming. Fine ! But this is just a small part of Sweden’s largest municipality and the eastern part seems to be nearly forgotten about. As option or supplement to our aurora tours in Kiruna we offer a night tour to Finland.

Aurora in Norway - lights above the North Atlantic

To watch aurora is magnificent, impressive, fascinating. No doubt. But to watch the northern lights dancing on the endless sky above the open sea and to – at the same time – see it’s mirror on the surface of the North Atlantic is simply breathtaking! We invite you to join us for a night on the beach in Narvik, Norway. A map and detailed

Aurora - PRIVATE VIP Tour

Are you planning to spend your honeymoon in Kiruna? Or will you be travelling with kids younger than 12 years of age? Maybe you are a professional photographer and you’ll need to work concentrated or you simply don’t want to share a tour with other participants… There can be many reasons to book a PRIVATE aurora tour! Our private tour is available for 1-4 people and based on our bestseller “AURORA OPTIMA”. For a fixed price of SEK 11500 you can be sure that you won’t be mixed up with other guests.

Kind of F.A.Q.'s

The small group size of max 6 participants grants flexibility and very fast reaction: “C’mon guys – there’s moonlight breaking through the clouds above that hill! It’s only 30Km – we go there NOW” Try to realize this with a group of 60 people travelling in a big bus…

For the tours listed above we use comfortable minivans with single captain’s chairs. These are long tours and the cold air makes people tired – we (and YOU) don’t want any travel companions to lay their heads on to your shoulder when taking a nap and snoring. WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY !

We will never go far away from the heated van and so you will always have access to comfortable conditioned surroundings. For this reason we do not provide overalls / clothing. You would permanently sit inside a car with +20 C dressed in an overall produced for -40 C below! Travellers to Kiruna know that this destination is located 160 Km north of the Arctic Circle – they don’t come here in leggings, skirts & sneakers. There are fleece blankets on each seat and you’ll always have access to the cozy van. Bring the warmest gear you can access but don’t wear it from the beginning!

These tours are NO photography workshops ! We access beautiful scenery off the beaten tracks of mass tourism and you will absolutely have plenty of time to take photos.  Study it thorougly at home with the manual of your own camera aside and you will succeed. If you don’t have any camera read it anyhow! Most modern smartphones produce a photo quality that is enough for creating really nice memories. Acceptable results for non-commercial use can be reached with the GoPro as well – see examples below. Read our tutorial and transform as many as possible of the settings to your own gear. But know your gear and how to handle it ! Please don’t expect ANY guide on earth to know the manuals of thousands of different cameras, smartphones and action-cams.

The tours above are limited to a minimum age of 12 years for participants. We like kids and we have experienced unforgettable moments with children playing in deep snow under aurora. But unfortunately we have as well experienced that not all travelers like kids. The high expectations and hope to see aurora, the limited space in a van for hundreds of kilometers and the long duration are not always compatible…To avoid negative group dynamics we can realize all these tours for families with children from min. 5 years of age. In this case you have to book our “PRIVATE” tour and you will get a night tour in a separate van with full attention for your kid(s). Contact us for further info!

Foxes jumping out of the ditch unexpectedly, a group of reindeers standing stubborn on the icy road without the sense for risk of car traffic. Billions of snow flakes hide the huge moose on your lane until the really last minute… That’s Lapland! All of us are VERY experienced drivers with up to 70.000 Km / aurora season and well aware of our responsibility under these conditions (but we fear tourists in rental cars without any experience in winter driving). Very carefully and highly respecting the actual weather situation and road conditions – as well as the fact that YOU ARE ON HOLIDAY – we will infotain you during long nights and bring you back safe to your hotel.

White light always has a negative impact on to the human eye’s night vision! When you come out from a bright illuminated area it will take up to 40min until your eyes will have adjusted to full night vision! You might have experienced the following situation yourself: You’re out on a night time BBQ party… after some hours and some beers someone seems surprised … “oooohhhh – look how many stars came out now!” … WRONG: It’s always the same amount of stars up there – it’s just the human eye getting more and more sensitive after a while in darkness (OK, you’re right – sometimes it’s the beer as well…). For this reason we decided to no longer offer tours like our former “Aurora BBQ” or the “Aurora Nightshift” and we discontinue to provide northern lights tours by dog sled. It feels wrong to take your money to let you destroy your night vision while sitting around the campfire or in any illuminated building. It feels wrong to put you on a dog sled since the guide has to use a strong head torch anyhow to give you a safe ride. Often even tiny traces of aurora can be recognized if your eyes are sensitive! On our night tours guides will only have torches / headlamps with red LED light: RED LIGHT PREVENTS YOUR NIGHT VISION ! Whenever you check your smartphone during any aurora tour – reduce the brightness to the limit. Otherwise you’ll destroy your night vision for up to 40min again. You’re travelling very far for lot’s of money – think twice if any app or any SMS can be so important that it might reduce your chance. When meeting cars on the road we recommend you to close your eyes, even to turn your head away. The strong lights that are common on cars up here will shine even through your eye lids. When leaving our vans for fast spontaneous stops always go to the backside of the van – there’s only the red light that prevents your night vision! We will always head for the darkest possible spots available but we will never keep you locked up in the van to only drive 100 Km further while the light show is dancing above the car! You can find more interesting info about light pollution and dark sky areas.